Internet -Based Multimedia Resources for Online Learning


Blog Assignment: Internet Based Multimedia Resources for Online Learning

PBS Teachers is an excellent source of multimedia resource for the online learning experience.    In the multimedia resource it offers a wide range of options such as portability, flexibility, individualized learning, collaboration community building and a broader view of the world.  Providing an opportunity of a lifetime for your adult learners to engage in interactively, whether it’s by podcast, video clips, online games, and data sets.  As a learner, I have enjoyed and value the use of the multimedia videos that Walden University provides through Laureate Education, Inc.    Which are all things that can be helpful and useful for working in the postsecondary educational field.   You can access the website at  http://www. .

While considering the rise and upcoming anticipation of the future of adult education.  You have to wonder will the training and technology keep up with the rise of training for the technology that is being infiltrated into the schools, community, and world.  As we know its growing more quicker than we can anticipate or actually prepare for the growth.

Mayer, said it best – “people learn more from pictures than words”.  Including the importance of just how process information in the three memory stages; sensory – stores it in short term, schema – actively process information to create mental constructs, and long term – the repository of all things learned.    So,


Mayer, R. E., (2001).  Multimedia learning.  New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.





4 thoughts on “Internet -Based Multimedia Resources for Online Learning

  1. PBS is indeed a wonderful site. They have been true teacher companions for a long time. I have used many resources from PBS, and have found them to be of high quality and very well presented.

  2. I never realized the welt of information available at PBS, their site dedicated to educators ( is very informative, with hundreds of interactive resources.

  3. PBS is a great multimedia site with a host of interactive activities. I use this website almost daily in my classroom. There are topics on just about everything for kids. My elementary students love all the characters that are featured. This is especially great for my students who learn best visually.

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